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Education Department

Without a doubt, an educated heat treat customer is the best heat treat customer. After all, our customers supply us with the material, design, and heat treat specs that we must work with. In our efforts to continuously improve the quality of our services, we have developed written bulletins designed for management personnel, tool & die makers, designers, or anyone who is involved in the manufacturing of parts to be heat treated.

The bulletins are presented in laymen's terms and include general, non-technical information about the "do's & don'ts" of heat treating; material selection; and heat treat process terminology, intricacies, pitfalls and misconceptions. They provide our customers with the basic fundamental knowledge necessary to help "us" (heat treater & customer) improve "our" quality, improve "our" turnaround, and decrease "our" costs.

We also have experienced, skilled personnel available for metallurgical consultation on prototype jobs, as well as assistance with heat treat estimates and quotations.

We have included in our web site a wealth of information just a click away! For detailed heat treat tips, please click here. For East~Lind's recommended maximum hardness for steels list, please click here. For general heat treat process definitions, please click here.


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